Dad’s Influence


When it comes to painting, my father was my biggest influence. His formal training was at the Art Institue of Pittsburgh. He made a living as a graphic artist, but painted on the weekends or whenever he could. People were his favorite subjects and he liked working from live models, so all 8 of us (my 7 brothers and sisters and me) were possible painting choices at any given moment.

Through the years, I was drawn or painted many times. The images here show my father’s painting style and me throughout the years. Pastel was another of his favorite mediums – he felt you built up the texture and color in similar ways. His style consisted of large strokes with strong, yet representational color. All the portraits captured phases in my life. I look more┬árelaxed in the younger years.

The gaps, in years between the paintings, clearly reflect when my father was busy in other areas of his life. Raising 8 kids left little time for anything but work. Unfortunately, fine art talent didn’t always help pay bills. The last 4 paintings were when he was retired.