Kitchen Art


When I had my kitchen redone,  I decided to complete the new look by hanging all new artwork. The largest wall in the room had an outdated print that would no longer work with the new décor.  Instead of one large painting, I decided a grouping might look better. My sister, a fine artist (Carol Albrecht) had painted a series of desserts in oil paint on plexi glass that I thought would look great in that space. The area measured 63” x 42” with a soft green background wall. The 5 paintings I chose were a great match for the décor and “kitchen” theme, but at 10” by 7”,  were a bit small for where I wanted them to hang. Plus, a frame right up against each piece was not the best way to display them. So I had 5 new pieces of plexi cut to13”x10”, painted them an off white color (using a can of spray paint) and attached one painted plexi  to the back of each painting. Then I chose a deep silver frame for each so they would appear more dimensional.  I arranged them on the wall and added a silver spoon and fork to balance out all those rectangular shapes. The result works for the kitchen with the added bonus of enjoying my sister’s art!