Once in a while you get to create a painting with an entirely different medium:  ball point pens. I was asked to take a trash bag full of pens and make a wall hanging of them. It was quite a challenge to come up with an idea and also make sure it would not be too heavy to frame and hang on a wall. Dumping the pens on the floor and just arranging and re-arranging them helped to narrow down a few ideas that could work as an abstract design. After I decided upon the composition, I had to figure out how to actually put it together. Using silicone gel, I glued the pens one by one onto a piece of plexi glass.  I sorted the pens by color and style until I was pleased with the design.  When everything was dry and in place, I put a simple frame around it to finish the look. The result is a 36”x36” “quilt” of pens… a piece of modern art that would look great on any wall.