Pet Portrait Process

  -  Pet Portrait Process

Step 1 - Contact Rose

Complete and submit the below form with your contact information, desired size for the portrait, photo to be used as the pet portrait, and any other comments or questions.

Step 2 - Discuss with Rose

Rose will contact you to discuss the portrait details and pricing.  Pricing is typically $400 for a 9×12, $425 for an 11×14, and a custom price to be quoted for all other sizes.  These prices are for 1 pet per portrait.  A quote can be given for more than 1 pet per portrait.

Step 3 - Give Feedback

During the portrait process, Rose will provide you with updates and give you the opportunity to respond with feedback along the way.

Step 4 - Frame & Share

Enjoy your pet portrait even more with a Custom Frame, which is available at North Penn Art – learn more. A giclee of your painting can also be made. What a great way to share your pet portrait with other family members.

Pet Paintings by Rose Folkes
Max. file size: 100 MB.